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Forklift EagleEye Commercial Sensor System

Do you have large Forklift, or heavy machinery that have adverse driving conditions, vibrations, bumps, and even debris? Standard backup sensors or just cameras fail to meet these challenges, our EagleEye HD commercial backup sensor system is built for any environment or installation.

With this system, you can significantly increase operator safety, productivity, and peace of mind with commercial sensors that detect obstacles behind, alongside, and in front of the vehicle. Systems work on their own or integrate seamlessly with our wired or wireless backup camera systems. Use in work trucks, equipment and trailers, and other vehicles to audibly alert drivers about obstacles.

The system contains four sensors enclosed in waterproof heavy duty housing, with a weatherproof main module that can even be mounted externally or internally. The digital readout can be mounted to any dashboard, and is loud enough to alert the driver on noisy job sites.


  • Eliminate backing and other accidents, reduce insurance costs, increase safety
  • Commercial Audible Sensor System - Alert driver of objects during backing, up to 15' from equipment/truck/tractor
  • Heavy duty sensors and waterproof heavy duty control box, can install on any type of equipment or vehicle
  • Detect objects from up to 15'
  • LED display with buzzer alarm or voice alarm and 14' cable
  • High sensitivity probe with L-shaped mounting bracket, easy to install without drilling
  • Can work on 12v-24v power
  • 4 Sensors Included, 2 sensors with 7' cables, 2 sensors with 14' cables
  • Parking¬†Sensor¬†System with Trailer cable 1m x 4 curly cable x 1m¬†
  • 0.4m-5m¬†detection¬†suitable¬†for¬†all¬†kinds¬†of¬†trucks, large¬†vehicle, buses, construction machinery,¬†off-road¬†machinery¬†etc.¬†With¬†body¬†within¬†10¬†meters
  • LED¬†monitor¬†display¬†obstacles¬†distance¬†and¬†direction¬†precisely, with buzzer or voice alarm, plus has 14' cable
  • PCABS¬†casing control box,¬†with¬†waterproof/anti-shock/anti-interference¬†design
  • LED¬†display¬†monitor¬†with¬†built¬†in¬†buzzer¬†alarm¬†or¬†human¬†voice¬†alarm
  • Detachable¬†sensor¬†with¬†water¬†resistant¬†connector,¬†with¬†anti-collision¬†design
  • Sensors Cable: waterproof, loom wrapped,¬†anti-interference¬†design, 2 cables are 7' long and 2 cables are 14' long

POWER: Rated Voltage: 24V - Rated Power: <8W
TEMP: Operating Temperature: -40 ¬į C ~ +80 ¬į C

  1. Concrete wall: 16.4ft(5m)
  2. Vehicle: 16.4ft(5m)
  3. Person: 11.48ft(3.5m)
  4. Post(75mm diameter): 9.84ft(3m)

INSTALLATION HEIGHT: 0.6M--1.3M or higher 

  • EagleEye¬†Commercial Sensor System
  • 4 sensors
  • Alarm box (audio and visual)
  • Display
  • Cables
  • User manual

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