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Forklift Wireless 1-2 Cam System for Forklifts, Equipment, Trucks of all sizes.

  • Digital Wireless Signal: Camera offers 200 to 300 foot wireless range! Can work with any truck/trailer/equipment system, even oversized trailers with 100+ trailers
  • Quality View Screen: 7" LCD with excellent video resolution with bright/clear video, includes DVR to record with up to a 128GB SD card
  • Add up to 2 Cameras: Can add up to 2 wireless cameras that can pair to the same 7" LCD at the same time (includes 1 camera, can add up to 1 additional cameras during checkout process)
  • Display 1/2 Cams on LCD: Can display 1 camera at full screen, 2 cams in split screen
  • Quality View Screen: Excellent video resolution with bright/clear video
  • Multiple Uses: Works with trucks, equipment and vehicles of any type. This cam allows you to see what is behind or in front of you during reverse or at all times!
  • High Resolution Camera: Clear Wireless camera with 720P equivalent video resolution and 120 wide angle camera viewpoint
  • Simple to Use: Easy Installation, 10-45 Minute Install
  • Night Vision: Wireless Camera offers 20 IR lights for excellent viewing at night! 35-40 feet visibility in pitch black settings
  • Heavy Duty: Weatherproof & Waterproof Commercial Grade IP69IR Camera can stand up to any environment or industry
  • DVR Recording: Includes DVR that can record 1-2 viewpoints on an Full Size SD card up to 128GB. Once the Full Size SD card is full, the DVR will loop record, deleting old video with new video
  • Portable, 1 minute Installation Camera Available: Want to have a camera that you can install in les than 1 minute and have the ability to more from location to location in seconds? Add the portable weatherproof 10-12 Hr rechargeable battery and 2 magnets (1 for camera, one for battery), and you can have a portable camera that can move from location to location and can be installed in seconds
  • Safety and Security: Reduce Backup Accidents by 70% or more
  • Any View: See what is behind your vehicle at all times (or in front, depending upon where you install the camera)
  • FREE Shipping: We ship all orders out USPS Priority, 1-3 Day shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: Not sure if this is the camera system for you, CHECK it out for 30 days to make sure! 

Need more than 2 wireless camera? Click HERE for our 2-4 Wireless cam system





If you want to add a one of the best wireless camera systems to a Forklift of any type, which will allow you to see what is behind or in front of you during reverse or at all times, then this camera system is for you!

Most customers will use this as a backup camera system, which means you will power the backup camera System to a 12v reverse light/power source and you will tap the wireless camera into a 12/24v power source. Then, once your Forklift goes into reverse, the system will turn on and show you a high quality image on the 7" LCD. But some customers want to have this camera live at all times when the Forklift is on, and all you need to do is power the camera system to a12v ignition power source and then this camera will show you video at all times.

LCD Monitor

7" LCD includes a dash mount & heavy duty windshield suction cup mount, that gives you multiple options to install LCD. LCD includes a DC cig lighter charger to power unit, or you can hard wire system into 12 volt power behind dash. When the camera powers on, the LCD will display what is behind the vehicle. This camera includes night vision LED lights that will illuminate at night giving the driver good visibility at night. This reversing camera system is designed for any and all size Forklifts. LCD also includes a DVR that can work 1-2 cams on SD card up to a 128GB in size. Once the SD card is full, the DVR will loop record, deleting old video with new video:

  • 32GB will record 8-10 hrs
  • 64GB will record 16-20 hrs
  • 128GB will record 30-40 hrs

Digital Wireless HD Camera

The IP69 Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Wireless camera can be installed 200-300 feet from the LCD and will send the wireless signal to the LCD receiver. Once the camera and LCD has power, the LCD will automatically display the camera! To power the camera, you will tap/piggy back the camera into a 12-24v power source close to where you install the camera (the camera requires power for the transmitter to transmit the wireless signal and to power the 20 IR lights). If you want a portable camera and/or do not want to install to 12-24v power source, you can add a portable weatherproof heavy duty battery during checkout that can power the camera. Once the camera has power, the camera will transmit the high quality video to the LCD to up to 300 feet to the LCD and you will not have any wires between the LCD and camera. This camera is commercial grade heavy duty in design and can be installed outside or inside and stand up over time in any environment, industry or weather.

Want more than one camera? the 7" LCD can pair to up to 2 wireless cams and display 1/2 cameras at the same time. During checkout, you can upgrade to a 2nd camera or you can purchase a 2nd wireless cam at any time in the future.


Bottom line, this is a top the line wireless 1-2 camera systems that will help you protect yourself and avoid accidents that is easy to install and offers an  incredible video image, in both day and night time viewing! And We are so confident that you will like this system, we will offer you a 100% Money back guarantee. Call us anytime to discuss more, ask questions or get a customized quote at 512.251.8472.


Wireless Heavy Duty Camera

  • Imaging Sensor: CCD
  • CCD Resolution: 800 TV Lines (720P equivalent)
  • Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux
  • Shockproof: 10G
  • Number of Pixels: 2 Million Pixel
  • Transmission Frequency: ISM Digital
  • Transmission Power: 10mW/CE; 2mW/FCC
  • Modulation Type: FM
  • IR Night Range: 20 to 40 ft
  • Bandwidth: 18 MHz
  • Waterproof: IP69
  • Power Supply: + 12V or 24V DC
  • Consumption Current (Max.): 230mA
  • Horizontal View Angle: 120 Degrees
  • Unobstructed Effective Range: 200-300 Feet
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 3.75 x 2 x 2.5 inches (excluding bracket)
  • Weight: 15.5 oz
  • Operating Temperature: -30°F/150°F
  • Operating Humidity: 85% RH
    • LCD Resolution: 800 x 480
    • Receiving Frequency: ISM Digital
    • Intermediate Frequency: 480 MHz
    • Demodulation Type: FM
    • Antenna: 50 ohm SMA
    • Receiving Sensitivity: <= -85 dBm
    • Video Output Signal Level: 1 .1 V +/- 0.2V~ @75ohm, S/N>38dB
    • Power Supply: + 12/36 V DC
    • Consumption Current (Max.): 600mA
    • Unobstructed Effective Range: 100 (Min.)
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 8.5 x 1 x 6 inches
    • Weight: 14 oz (excluding bracket)
    • Operating Temperature: -10°C/+50°C or+14°F/122°F
    • Operating Humidity: 85% RH 
    • Digital Wireless IP69 Heavy Duty Bracket CCD Camera
    • Digital 7” TFT-LCD Monitor w/ built-in digital receiver & sun shield with DVR built-in
    • Cigarette Lighter power adapter for monitor
    • 12V Additional monitor power cable for monitor (if you wish to hardwire)
    • U Bracket Mount for LCD
    • Window Suction Cup Mount for LCD
    • Video cable, screws, wire connectors
    • User manual


      • User manual
      • Magnet Mount for Camera: Magnet Mount allows for 1 minute installation & allows for each removal and install if you change trailers often. Click HERE 
      • Rechargeable Weatherproof Battery: If you do not want to connect the wireless camera to a 12v power source, you can add this 10 hr battery, which makes installation take less than 1 min. Click HERE 

        Product Disclaimer: This system is designed to be an aid and should not replace the need to drive carefully. Under no circumstances will manufacturer, supplier or retailer accept any responsibility or cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damage or for injuries results from installing or using this system or from any backing accident.

        Let us know abour your query!

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